Outdoor rattan furniture, different from stiff interior furniture, could function effectively to shorten the distance between people and the nature, adding endless enjoyment in the hot summer. By resting in the wicker sun lounge in the afternoon, people could relax their fatigued body and soul while appreciating the natural beauty of sunset. In addition, wicker patio dinning sets offer people with totally different dinning experience in summer. Outdoor rattan furniture, in deed, is greatly favored by consumers due to its convenience and natural flavor; however, many people are concerned because outdoor rattan furniture requires complex and careful preservation. Is it suitable to place outdoor rattan furniture in dry or humid environment? Does the wicker sun lounge attract borers? How to clean the stains on outdoor rattan furniture? How to prevent the color of outdoor rattan furniture from fading? Well, the following tips might be useful for outdoor rattan furniture preservation.

  First, avoid direct sunlight
  The UV in the sunlight will do great damage to the outdoor rattan furniture, particularly wicker patio dinning sets which are more likely to be exposed to sunlight. Frequently exposure to the sunlight will gradually dry the outdoor rattan furniture and loosen its structure. Overtime, the outdoor rattan furniture will become more and more fragile. In this case, users should adopt shields or tulle curtains to prevent direct sunlight in order to prolong the longevity of outdoor rattan furniture.   
  Second, avoid heat source
  Heat is the number one enemy of outdoor rattan furniture because the material of outdoor rattan furniture is highly flammable. Heat source will harm the intensity and tenacity of outdoor rattan furniture, leaving it loosened and fragile. Users should be noted that outdoor rattan furniture should be kept away from heat source and heat insulation pad is indispensable when placing hot containers or food on outdoor rattan furniture.

  Third, ventilation
  The cross section of rattan vine is covered with countless fine catheters, making it possible for outdoor rattan furniture to absorb certain amount of water. Nevertheless, if the outdoor rattan furniture has absorbed excessive amount of water, the furniture will be softened, loosened in structure and become moldy. As a result, the ventilation of rattan furniture is extremely important if it rains most of the year. Users are recommended to bring rattan furniture to ventilated place occasionally in case the rattan furniture becomes moldy. A word of suggestion, do not place rattan furniture in the sunlight to achieve rapid drying effects because it is very likely that the rattan furniture will deform and be damaged.

  The above mentioned includes just a few tips and outdoor rattan furniture owners are advised to seek professional suggestions from outdoor rattan furniture manufacturers in order to have access to more efficient preservation methods.