• Restaurant View

    The Barefoot Beach Club -- It was a nifty outdoor restaurant and you could get to the beach barefoot or in your bathing suit.

  • Den Haag Beach Outdoor Restaurants

    Nice place to hang out.

  • Park Grill/Ice Skating Rink

    Park Grill/Ice Skating Rink

    In mid-November, long after the tables for outdoor dining have been removed, the Zamboni comes out of storage and helps turn this into an excellent ice skating rink.

  • Beach Restaurant

    Restaurant eagle beach.

  • Space for Two Golf Flights

    2 Lounges at the Domat/Ems Golf Club House. Logistics by Ielog.

  • Outdoor Lounge

    I took a nap out here.

  • Swissrattan, Poolside

    Swissrattan-Lounge. Ielog delivers these units straight to the final position beside the pool. Unpacking and removal of packaging material are also parts of the service.

  • Outdoor Restaurant

    Outdoor Restaurant- BANYANTREE Maldives- Etheremadivaru.

    Banyan Tree Maldives Madivaru sets unprecedented standards of luxury accommodation in Maldives. Madivaru Island features a pristine white sandy beach, a beautiful lagoon and is surrounded by breathtaking house roofs, where guests can expect a high level of privacy coupled with the finest service yet in the quintessential Banyan Tree.

    The resort features an exclusive cluster of freestanding Tented Pool Villas - the first of its kind in Maldives. It boasts inspired desert island décor with timber flooring, two outdoor showers, handcrafted wood furniture and luxurious tent canopies. Meals and scheduled excursions are all-inclusive, ensuring that guests enjoy the very best of fresh catches and marine activities. Island Hosts are available around the clock in case that the guests want for something.

  • Garden Restaurant at Art Institute of Chicago

    One hundred-dollar lunch for three people. It is difficult to take photos for such kinds of statues.

  • Outdoor Restaurant

    Outdoor restaurant at Baybay, Leyte, Philippines.

    It is surrounded by the sea at three sides.