Below is a comprehensive list of questions most frequently asked.

1. Q: Is the quality of outdoor furniture made by the real rattan better than that made by the Imitation rattan? What are the advantages of PE rattan?

A: The outdoor furniture of Shuntai Rattan uses the high-level and tough PE/PVC Rattan. Compared with real rattan, PE Rattan's surface is more smooth and delicate. It also has high strength and good flexibility. It is durable, waterproof, sunproof, mothproof, mouldproof, healthy and easy to clean. Furniture formed by the imitation rattan (PE rattan) has its unique flexibility and plasticity. Decorated with modern technology, our products have moderate hardness and smooth lines as well as innovative design, giving full consideration to the comfort of human.

2. Q: Can I order rattan sofas in different colors?

A: Yes. We will send you rattan color templates before you place an order, and we will place manufacture order according to your choice.

3. Q: Can you make furniture according to the specifications which I provide?

A: For orders above 5sets, we can do that according to the specifications you provide. If the quantity is less than 5 sets, we will charge the proofing fee.

4. Q: How many ways of shipments are there and what are they?

A: Customer can take the following delivery ways:

(1) Factory Direct Delivery. Buyers can arrange the logistic company to send freight cars to get the products from our factory.

(2) Buyers also can appoint the logistics company and we send the products to the appointed company's branch in Lecong.

Attention: buyers should choose the logistics company which has branches in Lecong, Shunde, which will be convenient for us to deliver the products.

5. Q: Which models of Shuntai' products are in storage?

A: We have inventory tables and chairs such as NO.st6002-8002, st661-721, st677-870, st645-865, st660-832, st676-870, st649-863, st673-867 and so on. We have to work overtime to finish the products in busy seasons due to the increased orders. Please contact us before you place orders in case of insufficient inventory.

6. Q: Can I exchange the product or return it for a refund?

A: It depends. We will exchange the product or promise you a refund when you have one of these problems:

(1) Shuntai staffs have made mistakes about the manufacture order or delivery, including the quantity, No., color or material.

(2) There are mistakes on the quantity, product loss, damage or products are out of shape before you confirm the receipt.

7. Q: How can I get a product catalogue of Shuntai furniture manufacturing?

A: You can phone or send an e-mail to Shuntai salesmen for it by leaving your basic information, including your name, address, workplace, contact information and purchase intention. We will send you a product catalogue as soon as possible.

8. Q: Can I distribute Shuntai products?

A: Distribution and sales by retailers, Taobao, agents and showrooms are warmly welcome, and they will have our 100% cooperation.

9. Q: What are your payment terms?

A: Generally speaking, you need to pay 30% as the advance when placing the order and pay the remained 70% before shipment. For small retail orders, Shuntai Rattan suggests one-time payment for the same day or next day delivery.

10. Q: What should we pay attention to when signing for the order?

A: Check the product quantity carefully in front of the courier.Customers need to confirm customized models first by pictures. We make sure of the products quality and proper packing before we send the product to the logistics company. If there are any product damage and deformation, please negotiate with the courier and photograph the products for evidence. You can also contact us immediately. Shuntai Rattan will try its best to help customers. If the product is in question, we are pleased to give you a refund.